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Sharktopus Provides Ink for Tattoos, Swears he’ll CHOMP all contributors

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When Sharktopus first tweeted “I’m thinking of naming my tentacles. Any ideas?” the thought of tattoos were oceans away. But as the conspiracy between Sharktopus and Syfy deepened (see previous post here), he began to feel more rebellious.  Sharktopus tried to reason, “It’s not just the fact that they’re telling people I was created by a corporation–because I wasn’t, I created myself, but they deceived me.”

Steering the mutant fish off of an agitating subject, we asked him how he chose the names for his tentacles, “I treated it like a joke at first, but my fans gave me more than 250 suggestions.” When asked how he planned to give recognition to those who offered suggestions, Sharktopus began to salivate, “I’m going to CHOMP them! I’ve memorized all of their names, it’s the ultimate reward.” He already ate the tattoo artist, their assistant, and a customer in the tattoo parlor. Apparently the tattooist inked Sharktopus before explaining that he would not be able to swim for two weeks.

Sharktopus flexes to show off his new tattoos

Only four out of eight tattoos are visible in this photo, but Sharktopus’ appetite was voracious, and we didn’t stick around to get a second pose.

The tattoos are as follows:



Pastor Husk (an anagram, which Sharktopus felt was very clever)


The other four tattoos not visible are:

Pedro, Spike, #8, and Sue.

A little known fact is that a male octopus’ penis is located on his third tentacle. When we asked to see Sharktopus’ 3rd tentacle he rolled it up and feasted on that college kid in the photo. We’re not sure if Sharktopus is shy about showing himself off, or if it’s possible he’s actually a female. We do know, though, that Sharktopus’ 3rd tentacle is named ‘Sue’.

For those of you who helped Sharktopus name his tattoos, we’ve included a list of your names so that you have fair warning to watch out for the mutant fish when he comes CHOMPing after you.

From Twitter:

@DasGoon1     @Pocahomo     @ikagirl     @JessTabatha     @Dragonreezer     @SharkboyToronto     @Bellmojo     @GlennMCQ     @vitorocks     @dino_rider     @ttwlamb     @PurpleD423     @mybaconiswin     @MrsAnnaMaria     @niko_no_chikan     @TheBreen     @operation_remie     @flormz     @codiedagle     @TheBippi     @Pie4Jill     @TheSyFyGuy     @randrall     @bgrhubarb     @Amy_Grech     @StaceybLongo     @HeathurBrown     @SyfyDevelopment     @KROQWil     @DrLech     @festivelyplump     @_TheProfessor_     @ericwalkulski     @metalmind     @Thingsneverheard     @LovingPussycat     @wstolliver

And From Facebook:

Jaqueline L., James B., Sam R., Tony J., Leo V., Michael J., Sean R., Dave L., and Mark W.


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September 10, 2010 at 10:07 AM

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  1. […]  But he upped it to six when Sharktopus strangled the bailiff with tentacle “Wolfgang” (see story below). Maria Haras is an aquatic rights activist exposing the mutant world one monster at a time. […]

  2. […] Not only did the Honorable Judge Don Prudence refuse to allow cross examination of the defendant, but he refused to consider Sharktopus’ evidence as well, “You are an abomination, and you do not qualify under the equal protection clause because you are not a person. Therefore I will dismiss your suit and allow Syfy to air Sharktopus the Movie on Saturday September 25th 9/8 central time as scheduled.” He slammed his gavel several times when Sharktopus’ tentacles began twitching, “I will have order in this court! Restrain your tencleeeeeagh!” These were the last words Judge Don Prudence uttered before Sharktopus introduced him to the tentacle named Obliviator. […]

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