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Sharktopus Party Games

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Bikini babes… Don’t know any? Print a picture, bring a doll wearing bikini, heck, put a bikini on your dog. Or, if you’re really brave, wear one yourself.

Bikini girl's await Sharktopus the Movie, airing Sep 25th 9/8 Central

According to Facebook and Twitter poll, the drink of choice is Bloody Mary–virgin or naughty. Please drink responsibly and obey all laws.

Lots of #CHOMP! Be sure to tweet your #CHOMPing as you watch the film. Sharktopus is sure to be listening. Post photos of your CHOMPing on the Sharktopus facebook page, or post them to twitpic and mention @sharktopus2010

Here are various SHARKTOPUS PARTY GAME ideas, mix and match at your own risk:

Every time someone in the movie says “S Eleven” you should wiggle your arms like an enraged Sharktopus (also called tentacling).

Every time someone screams you should make a CHOMPing motion with your arms. Do this by pointing hands towards each other and making your arms act like jaws, opening and closing them. Wiggle your fingers while you do this.

You should always guess who Sharktopus will CHOMP next. When you’re right, everyone in your party should make the CHOMPing motion at you.

Every time Sharktopus CHOMPS, SQUEEZES, STABS, or STRANGLES somebody you should either make the CHOMPing motion or tentacle a random person in your party, even if that person is a cat or a dog, and especially if they are a Dinoshark.

Every time “Nichole Sands” points, you should point back at her and shout “Sharktopus will get you!”

Every time you hear “killing machine” you should make the CHOMPing motion or tentacle somebody.

Every time someone in your party laughs they must be tentacled.

You should guess when Ralph Garman will say “DAMN YOU SHARKTOPUS!”, shout it out loud when you think it will happen. OR (New rule) Every time you see Eric Roberts on the screen yell “DAMN YOU ERIC ROBERTS” <–this option only available to TEAM SHARKTOPUS members.


Written by sosnowy

September 23, 2010 at 1:23 PM

Sharktopus Leads Protest Against Syfy

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Last Friday was a tad unusual at 30 Rockefeller Place in New York. The home to NBC’s Syfy Channel became a protest ground for Sharktopus and his aquamarines. The half-shark-half-octopus raised his tentacles in the air and bellowed his displeasure.

Sharktopus starts a seaweed roots protest

Protesters claim that Sharktopus was duped by Syfy and Director Declan O’Brien. One protester stated, “Syfy has been exploiting mutant creatures for years now, Sharktopus is just the first to stand up for his rights.”

Sharktopus hopes to gain more support and increase public awareness about Syfy’s deception of it’s lead creature feature actors (and actresses).

He asks people to join him on Twitter and Facebook to keep updated on his campaign for mutant rights.

The protest was non-violent and about as organized as a ball of fish. People shouted slogans like “Sharktopushed Too Far” “Syfy Why Do You Lie?” “Mutant Creations are People Too” “Syfy, Proudly Killing Genetically Altered Creatures Since 1992” “Syfy: You Can’t Imagine Greater LIARS” “Don’t Make Me Tentacle You”

One activist labeled the protesters: PET-CBM (People for the ethical treatment of cross bred mutants).

Syfy has been unavailable for comment.

Sharktopus thanked his protest advocates (below) by giving them a head start before CHOMPing them. However he did state “protesting increases your appetite” in reference to the seven protesters who were slow runners.

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Written by sosnowy

September 13, 2010 at 10:58 AM